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First Fondant Cake

Last Saturday I threw my niece her second birthday party. It was a muppets (mostly kermit, who she calls ker-frog) themed party because she is just crazy about the muppets! Anyway, it was so super fun and I got to try my hand at making crafty muppets decorations since they are impossible to find and any that are out there are vintage and crazy expensive and I mean she’s two and also handmade decorations are so much more fun, cute, and special.

So along with some cute muppets bunting, banners, treat bags, a “make-your-own” muppet station where the kids could make their own puppets using paper bags, googly eyes, construction paper, etc. I made my very first cake decorated with fondant. I used a recipe that I found on pinterest to make the fondant and from there added a gel-like food coloring that I found at my crafts store in the cake decorating isle to make the different colors.

The cake turned out better than I thought and it was not that difficult either! Plus, it was lots of fun – Like grown up play dough with a purpose.

So here it is: my first fondant cake. It was quite delicious.

Have  you ever used or made your own fondant?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

– Trish


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