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Last month the new addition of “Now & Then” the Appalachian magazine came out it’s filled with articles, poems, reviews, general artsy things, and whatnot from the area.

So, I’m sure you are wondering why this is important well, here is your answer: because I’m in it!

This Summer I participated in a project for the city of Kingsport, Tennessee where we were commissioned to make a series of photographs based off of archival photos from the Kingsport city library taken mostly by Thomas McNeer Jr. and David Peirce. The original photographs were taken mostly in the 1950’s but spanned from 1915-1970.

There were about 15 of us that participated in the project and we used 4×5 large format field and monorail cameras which were most likely used to take the original photos. We each had 5 photos to remake and a month to do it, we went to Kingsport pretty much everyday taken days “off”  to develop the film ourselves and then scan them into a mac using a hybrid Epson scanner. We then touched up the photos in photoshop before printing them on fiber-based inkjet paper (which is fantastic by the way). We saved a lot of time doing it this way instead of printing the photographs in a darkroom, the prints turned out beautifully.

We had an exhibit containing the new photographs beside of the old photographs in Kingsport in October for a little over a month. The entire experience was so fun and I learned a lot. Anyway, without further ado here are some photos of the magazine:

I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful Sunday.

– Trish


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