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A Bit of My Life: Delilah

I got Delilah last April. Oddly enough we were at a roller derby match. Halfway through they brought out a few dogs and puppies from a local animal shelter and Delilah was one of them (though her name was Jasmine at the time, but that just wouldn’t do). I loved her immediately. She was just laying in one of the volunteers arms, she looked pitiful and also kind of like a lion cub. At the same time that I was completely falling in love with her I was also trying to rationalize and make myself realize that I really didn’t need another dog, at the time I had a dog and my boyfriend at the time and I had a dog together as well. three dogs seemed like a lot to handle, but I went and asked to hold her anyway.

Oh my goodness she was the sweetest puppy. She literally just laid in my arms completely limp. I couldn’t help it – I asked my now ex if he thought we should get her and he (being just as soft as me) said we absolutely needed her. We went to talk to the people at the shelter about adopting her and to get her story. She was four months old and she had been born in the shelter, her mother and all of her brothers and sisters had been adopted early on but she was left all by herself. I’m telling you, she was pitiful! The shelter had moved her in with the older dogs because she was growing pretty quickly and was much bigger than all the other puppies, but they told me they were going to have to put her down soon if she wasn’t adopted. The turn over rate for most kill shelters (this one included)  is three weeks to a month but they had been holding on hope that someone would take her home. Pitiful.

We brought her home, she still hadn’t really moved at all and seemed like she was a little depressed but as soon as we set her down on the floor and she saw our other dog (a jack russell mix named Rhys) she went nuts and they played non-stop for hours.

Needless to say, I still have her. She is the sweetest, cutest, and most well-behaved dog I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I ended up with her, it couldn’t have worked out better. She’s entirely precious.

These days her time is spent running around the yard, going to the dog park, running errands with me, sitting on my open windowsill like a cat, taking walks, and having play dates with her boyfriend Ivan (a super cute Vizsla) who is completely smitten with her.

Hope you have a super fantastic, pet-filled day.

– Trish


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