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A Photo An Hour: from my birthday

Friday was my birthday!! Yay! It was such a super fun and silly day. I’m still laughing about it, that day will definitely be a fond memory for a very very long time. I tried to take an photo an hour from the whole day but I kind of slacked, I got a few though and I thought I’d share them with you so here are some little tidbits from my day: 

11am – after getting ready and spending some quality puppy time I’m ready to start running some errands. It was a super warm February morning.

12pm – waiting in the car at the DMV to renew my license. The line was soooo long.

1pm – after waiting patiently I got a new license and went to start celebrating my birthday

2pm – I missed this picture. Sorry! I had some yummy lunch with my mom

3pm – went a little over board and bought some cupcakes at babycakes. (just so you know we shared them throughout the day and still have some leftover) They are so stinkin pretty though aren’t they?

4pm – went to visit my sweet grandparents

5pm – bought some tiny bottles of alcohol to put in a gift basket for my friend Emilee. (we share a birthday!)

6pm – got ready for a birthday dinner with friends.

That was as far as I got with the pictures. I had a supremely lovely day and after the pictures stopped (I forgot to bring my camera) Emilee and I had a joint birthday dinner with a bunch of friends and then a hilarious night that lasted until the morning.

How was your weekend?



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