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What I’ve Been Reading:The Hunger Games

Okay so I have been a compete and total blog slacker lately and I hope you can all forgive me.

Anyway…Starting March 1st I decided to make a new goal for my year and I decided I could also create a series of blog posts about it. Along with being a blog slacker I have also been a slacker when it comes to reading. I used to read quite often but lately I haven’t really been reading much at all. I’ve made a goal of reading at least 5 books a month from now through the Summer (aside from March which I made a pretty big goal of 15 books to kick start the whole thing, I’ve read 4 so far)

So…a new gem in the Evanson Three blog entries – What I’m Reading/Book Reviews. hooray! I know you’re all very excited. Here you go – and please don’t make fun of my book choice, I realize that it’s a fad right now and I also realize that most of the people in love with these books are in high school I just don’t care – I can’t help but love them and I already have tickets to see the movie at midnight when it comes out!

I read this trilogy in four days. The first book was incredibly addictive (I’m talking Harry Potter level addictive) I could not put it down, but this is true of all three books really. The world and the characters that Collins created in these books pull you in and make their grim situation incredibly relatable somehow. In fact I’ve already reread parts of the first book just because I loved it so much.

I would totally recommend reading these no matter how old you are, the story is quite unique and while it’s extremely depressing it is also lovely in an odd way.

Have you been reading anything good lately?

– Trish


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