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Puppy Love: Homemade Apple, Oat, & Peanut Butter Treats

I’ve always wanted to start making homemade dog treats for my puppies but most of the recipes I’ve looked up have some sort of disgusting animal product in them or ingredients that I don’t keep on hand and really who knows if my dogs will like them? Their Picky! and I prefer not to deal with chicken livers,pigs intestines, and whatever other gross things people are putting in dog treat recipes. So, I had an Idea while baking some sort of apple dessert, my little dog (a miniature dachshund) was begging at my feet in the kitchen, she’s absolutely crazy for apples,I always feel bad throwing away the apple peels and she tends to eat them up for me. I gave it some thought and made a dog treat that turned out to be quite a crowd pleaser. My girls favorite treats are these peanut butter blueberry oatmeal cookies that I get from my local natural pet supply store and while they are fantastic and I absolutely adore my natural pet supply store these are infinitely cheaper to make yourself rather than buying them pre-made and my pups seemed to enjoy them just as much.

So with my sweet puppies in mind I came up with these Apple (for Sweets), Oat, and Peanut Butter (for Delilah) Dog Treats. Here’s the recipe –

You’ll Need: 1 Apple, 1/2 cup of Peanut Butter, 1/2 Tablespoon of Honey (which is fine and even has health benefits for dogs but should not be given to puppies under 1 year old), 1 and 3/4 cups of oats, and 1 egg

In a food processor or blender mix together the roughly chopped apple, peanut butter, 1 cup of oats, and the honey until it becomes an odd grainy mixture. Pour the mix into a bowl and stir in the rest of your oats and the egg. Drop the treats in bite-sized pieces on to a greased cookie sheet (I used a cookie scoop to make them fairly uniform) and bake at 300 for about 30 minutes. Make sure you let them bake thoroughly, the first time I made these treats I didn’t let them bake long enough. Set your treats on a wire rack to cool for an hour before putting them in zip top bags or a dog treat jar. That’s it!

They’re Delilah approved!

I hope you have lots of fun making treats for the dogs in your life.

Happy Monday!







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  1. mine are in the oven! thanks

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