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Snickerdoodle Inspired Cupcakes

I had a request to make some snickerdoodle cupcakes so I whipped up these super easy and quite delicious cupcakes. Now I don’t usually use boxed cake mix but sometimes I’m unashamed to say that it’s just a little easier to play with a new flavor if you start of with a boxed mix and then once you figure out what you want it to taste like you can go from there coming up with your own recipe from scratch. 

I took the a boxed vanilla cake mix and added 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. Mix together 1/3 a cup of sugar and about a tablespoon of cinnamon and set it aside. After you preheat your oven and get your liners in place I filled them halfway full with batter and then added a good layer of the cinnamon sugar mixture before filling them the rest of the way and adding another layer of cinnamon sugar on top. That’s pretty much it! I also pipped on a light layer of vanilla buttercream frosting that you can find the recipe for here > buttercream-mixology I know that snickerdoodles don’t have frosting but what’s a cupcake without frosting?

Super easy Snickerdoodle inspired cupcakes! I hope you guys have a sweet Monday!

– Trish


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