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Mint Chip Ice Cream:

So, over the weekend I received possibly the best gift ever…an old fashioned ice cream maker! (yes, my inner fat kid is coming out) I’ve already made two different kinds of ice cream and I’m ready to make more! (I’m giving most of it away) The first recipe I tried was mint chip, it was super easy to make and also quite good. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep my ice cream from doing the weird crystallizing thing that lots of homemade ice creams do, it’s making the texture a lot less rich and creamy so if you have any tips they would be much appreciated, but aside from a couple beginner mishaps I’m loving my ice cream maker and the two recipes I’ve used so far have been delicious! I cannot wait to keep hand churning ice cream, I’m sure I’ll post more recipes soon.

You can find the mint chip recipe I used at > allrecipes.






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