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A Photo An Hour: Weekend Mini Trip

Last weekend I drove up to Nashville with my adorable friend Anna and my mom to go see the Broadway version of Mary Poppins. It was so stinkin cute and we had lots of fun, here are some pictures from our trip:

7am – packing up the car. please forgive the horribly blurring and gross picture but it’s the only one I have from 7am

8am – quick stop to fill up my car and grab some coffee (and doughnuts!) before we hit the highway

9am – We brought a lot more snacks than actually necessary for 3 people on a 4.5 hour drive but Anna and I sure do love our Haribo gummy bears! (this photo was taken by Anna Hedges)

10am – on our way!! (this photo was taken by Anna Hedges)

11am – Tennessee is pretty, no doubt about that. I love the mountains.

12pm – (but technically 11am again because the time changed and we were able to relive an hour of our day so I’ll be going on Nashville time for the rest of the photos) we had a bathroom, stretch, and second coffee of the day break at starbucks

12pm and 1pm I missed these….we drove, listened to lots of music, ate a sadly generic lunch (yeah, I’m a food snob), and spent some time with Anna’s mother in law who was also driving to Nashville to meet up with us and see Mary Poppins!

2pm – second tank of gas and our third cup of coffee, which I must say was gas station coffee and was much better than the starbucks and about a third of the price, which I find ironic and delightful! lol

3pm – we stopped to do some fun shopping at paper source and one of my favorites – Anthropologie where Anna and I found some amazing clearance high-waisted pants for practically nothing!

4pm – back in the car to head to our hotel, the rain had finally stopped and some folk music was in order (folk music is always in order and was pretty much non-stop in the car that whole day, as usual!)

5pm – getting ready to head to dinner and ,more importantly, go see Mary Poppins!

6pm – I missed this one, we people watched while waiting to eat dinner and had some yummy pasta

7:30pm – Here we come Mary Poppins!



10:30pm – It was practically perfect in every way. I loved it!

I love road trips, even little one or two day ones. This trip was full of coffee, laughter, fantastic music, photographs, and silliness and I loved it. On a side note, my friend Anna is a super talented wedding photographer and you should pop in and check out her website and blog – She is also one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

Have you taken any fun trips lately or seen any plays?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!










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  1. you are precious, sweet friend. thanks for the link to my blog and more importantly, thanks for going to MARY POPPINS!!!!! SOOO FUN!!!!


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