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Dresser Restyle

I’m so excited about sharing this restyle! I’ve had this dresser for awhile now and it’s been sitting around pretty much half finished for a good 6 months (I sound incredibly lazy, I know) because I just couldn’t find the right hardware for it and I had seen a couple different styles at Anthropologie that I really fell in love with but I couldn’t justify paying $18 for each handle (that’s $108 for all six handles I needed) when I got the dresser at a yard sale for a steal of a deal at only $10!

So, while I did spend some time wandering around hardware stores and snooping through antique stores for 6 handles that I could settle for I finally decided to just wait it out and maybe I would stumble upon what I was looking for if I stopped trying so hard to find it and also if I would stop fantasizing over the hardware from Anthro.

Well just as luck would have it I ended up in Nashville last weekend at an Anthropologie and while I was headed to the fitting room to try a few things on I saw their small hardware section with a tree fixture full of the handles that I had been lusting over for about 6 months now and I went and picked one up only to see that they had been marked down to $4.95! My goodness, I can’t even tell you how excited I was about it. I promptly picked up six handles (for only $30) and also a pair of Mother jeans that were originally $230 marked down to $29.95 and left a very very happy girl.

Here are some pictures of my precious “new” dresser:

This is how the whole thing looked upon arrival – cute, a few stains, plastic while handles, and glossy paint.

I pretty much love it.

Have you had any fun restyle or DIY adventures lately?

– Trish


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  1. ummm HELLO!!!!!! this turned out AMAZING!!!!!


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