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Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

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1) This brooch is just begging to be attached to my denim vest!  > etsy

2) I’m dying over this camper. I would love love love to rent one for a couple months or just buy one and drive to every national park in the country to make photographs! (that’s my dream)  > camper

3) This Totoro iphone cover is too cute! They also have a few prints and other adorable totoro things that I’m gonna probably need. > Totoro

4) These stamps have been making there way around pinterest and were offered as a deal on the plaid barn the other day and I’m just smitten with them. They are precious and I can’t wait to start stamping pretty much everything with these little guys. > stamp

5) Rachel posted a small house tour on her blog the other day and it is just the cutest. Her style is fantastic. > smileandwave

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

– Trish


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  1. I love #2. Can I come with you?


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