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life lately, according to instagram

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Here are a few pictures I took via instagram from life over the past week or so

Lately life has been BUSY and I have been a serious blog slacker and I apologize. Along with that apology I also have to tell you that I’ll be gone for awhile longer. On Wednesday Schae, Lacy, and I will be driving to Manchester to spend 4 fun-filled days at bonnaroo I will be home for 5 days and then I’m off to Scotland and London for two weeks (I know, I can’t believe it! I’m so excited!). Don’t worry though, I’ll be taking pictures every single step of the way and I have a couple posts planned for the next few days, so don’t give up on me! I’ll be back!

Thanks so much to everyone that’s been reading and make sure to check follow me on instagram (user name – trishgibson) for daily updates from the festival and maybe even a few gems from Europe!

see you soon!

xo Trish


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