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Well, it certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it?  I’m working on getting back in the swing of my normal day-to-day life after being on a type of  hiatus from my usual. I went to Bonnaroo for 5 days and then turned around and spent a couple of weeks in the UK, which was lovely. I saw so much art and was incredibly inspired to go back to school with renewed passion and excitement for what I hope to create, during my time away I also gained extra vision for my life and what I should be striving for. It was a good, hard, emotional kind of month.

As I mentioned, I’ll be going back to school to finish up my last year as a student this fall after my year off and I’m making goals and plans (that may or may not actually happen) for myself over the next 2-14 months. I’m currently planning a few parties and striving to be a little more social this year as I’ve seen myself being pretty reserved since last fall. Overall, I’m enthusiastic and hopeful for the things to come and I’ll be making steps to amp up the blog and be super consistent with my posts along with everything else I’m thinking up!

Thanks for reading!

– Trish


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  1. i would love to go to the uk!


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