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Sewing and Moving

I received a sewing machine for my Birthday in February, I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew for awhile but I’ve been a little bit shy about it. In the past couple weeks I decided it was time to break it out and really get down to learning how to sew. It’s been lots of fun so far (and a little bit frustrating) working on little projects throughout the week. So far I’ve made some bows, a couple of skirts, and a tote. I also purchased Elsie Larson’s e-course D.I.Y. dress-up which is adorable and has been so helpful so far.

This tote ^ was made based on the magazine tote from Elsie’s e-course. Cute.

Along with working on sewing projects this month I’ve been reading, organizing, going to a lot of zumba classes (yes, I frequent zumba classes and I love it), planning, and…..getting ready to move! Yes, Delilah and I will be moving in a little over 3 weeks to a new house with 3 new roommates and 2 cats. I’ve never lived with a cat before but I am so excited about the move, my fantastic soon-to-be roommates, decorating my new room, and everything else to come this fall! I’m feeling optimistic and looking forward to new experiences and growth. For me, change is not always welcome at first but it’s always good and it’s always challenging and that is something to welcome.

Happy Wednesday!

xo Trish


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