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July-August goals recap

Toward the middle of July I made a lists of goals for myself to finish or attempt before the end of August. My plans (as they usually do) changed a lot and I ended up moving to a new house in August so some the things on my list were pushed back, taken off completely or just didn’t get done. I like giving myself a list. Even if everything doesn’t get done it’s nice to have around to keep yourself motivated and always moving forward.

Here’s a recap of my list:

  • organize‚Ķeverything. Get rid of clutter, downsize a little. – Done! Moving gave me extra motivation to do this.
  • take a trip to IKEA. – Sadly, this did not happen. Maybe next month!
  • donate clothes. – Done! Twice I think.
  • take one (maybe two) more roadtrips. – This did not happen. I really wanted to go and I had about 15 different ideas but I just couldn’t justify spending the money once I found out I was moving and had to get ready for school as well.
  • develop film from the duaflex. – I feel like a real slacker for not doing this one. I thought about it alot. ha! This will be going on another list soon.
  • finish two sewing projects. – I ended up finishing 5 different sewing projects and this month I’ve already made two dresses. yay!
  • throw a couple of parties. – I planned a party, but ended up cancelling it because of the move. I want to have a bonfire and smore’s roasting party sometime soon though! The weather is becoming just perfect!
  • read two books – Done!
  • spend a day at lake James. – Nope.
  • see Moonrise Kingdom. – I saw it twice.
  • see to Rome with Love. – It was playing an hour away from us for about a week and then they stopped showing it. I missed out.
  • make a budget for the Fall. – Done!
  • make a schedule for the Fall. – Done!
  • try 4 new recipes. Done!
  • take Emma swimming. – This happened quite a bit after we went the first time. She kept saying “Trish, we go fimming pool today?” you can’t resist that. Especially since she pronounces the sw sound as an f.
  • go to the drive in one more time- Nope.
  • Be Optimistic! – I did really well being optimistic until I got walking pneumonia that lasted for the first two and a half weeks of school, it really put a damper on things.


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