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HI! I’m Trish Gibson.

I’m from and currently living in East Tennessee, I’m in my early twenties, I’m somewhat obsessive compulsive, I have a love for all animals big and small, I’m studying fine art and photography at a university in Tennessee, and I’m currently trying to decided what I’d like to do with the next few years of my life, besides blogging and playing with my dog.

My blog is all about sharing and creating a fun and inventive lifestyle through DIY’s, home decor, vintage goods, lots and lots of yummy recipes, and personal style.

Evanson Three comes from the love and inspiration I received over the years from my Grandmother and Great Aunts (Una, Elsie, and Emma Evanson) they gave me a desire to cook, sew, and in general be a strong, creative, and inspiring person.

Welcome! I hope that you will find something that will inspire you.


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  1. That is a sweet bio!!!! Love your site! Yummmmmmmo!!!!! Love you too!! “your friend, Vicki” 😉


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