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D.I.Y. Plush Owl

I’ve still been steadily making little sewing projects here and there trying to gain a little bit of skill and have some fun creating cute projects, accessories, and clothes along the way. This week my grandfather has been in the hospital after having a heart-attack earlier in the week. We’ve been visiting a lot but I thought he might need something to brighten up his room a bit when we weren’t there so I decided to make him a plush owl.

I know, it seems a little odd to give an 85 year old man a stuffed animal but let me give you a little background and tell you that my grandfather’s nickname ever since he was in grade school has been “Hoot”, his friends started calling him this because there was a cowboy named “Hoot Gibson” who was a famous rodeo champion as well as an actor, director, and producer when my Grandpa was growing up. So naturally since our last name is Gibson they threw Hoot in front and that was that, I’ve never heard anyone call him anything else. I decided, based on his nickname to make him a “hoot owl” plush with a patched up heart.

This project can be made with any skill level and takes about 30-60 minutes to make.

Owl Plush, makes one owl.

Supplies Needed:

A solid and printed fabric, felt in various colors for the eyes, feet, and any other embellishments you might like to add, fabric scissors, fabric glue or tacky glue, paper (for your pattern), a sewing machine or needle and thread, pins, stuffing, and an embroidery needle and embroidery thread (if you want the top stitch embellishment) 

Draw and cut out your pattern for your owl you’ll need a template for the body, wings, feet, eyes, tummy patch, forehead, and beak.

Pin each part of your pattern to the appropriate fabric and cut out each of your pieces. (I made sure to fold my fabric in half so I only had to cut once since you’ll need two of everything except the tummy, forehead, and beak!)

Once you have all of your pieces laid out go ahead and stitch on the tummy and forehead to the front of the owls body with the embroidery needle and thread. From here you can either stitch or glue on the eyes and beak. Also stitch on the feet just slightly above where your seam will be at the bottom of the owl.

Now that the front of your owl is ready to go, place the back of the owl and the front of the owl together with the details facing in so that you can no longer see them.

Get your sewing machine or needle and thread out and sew around the edge of your owl leaving an inch or two open so you can stuff your bird. 

Now fill flip your owl inside out so that you can see his precious face again and fill him with stuffing! Last of all hand stitch the opening so that his stuffing doesn’t all fall out and You’re done! 

Try making owls with different details and fabrics and even different sizes and soon you’ll have a whole family of these adorable guys!




Sewing and Moving

I received a sewing machine for my Birthday in February, I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew for awhile but I’ve been a little bit shy about it. In the past couple weeks I decided it was time to break it out and really get down to learning how to sew. It’s been lots of fun so far (and a little bit frustrating) working on little projects throughout the week. So far I’ve made some bows, a couple of skirts, and a tote. I also purchased Elsie Larson’s e-course D.I.Y. dress-up which is adorable and has been so helpful so far.

This tote ^ was made based on the magazine tote from Elsie’s e-course. Cute.

Along with working on sewing projects this month I’ve been reading, organizing, going to a lot of zumba classes (yes, I frequent zumba classes and I love it), planning, and…..getting ready to move! Yes, Delilah and I will be moving in a little over 3 weeks to a new house with 3 new roommates and 2 cats. I’ve never lived with a cat before but I am so excited about the move, my fantastic soon-to-be roommates, decorating my new room, and everything else to come this fall! I’m feeling optimistic and looking forward to new experiences and growth. For me, change is not always welcome at first but it’s always good and it’s always challenging and that is something to welcome.

Happy Wednesday!

xo Trish